VeraD was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Daughter of a businessman and art collector, and a soprano issued of a family of painters. 

At her three years old, the family moved to Paris. There she receives academic training that stimulates her artistic sensitivity that she breathes at home. At an early age, she enters the show business as a professional acrobat of “icarious games”. During twenty years of performances, she travels across the five continents, and through this perspective, she creates her clichés of diversities, spaces, and colors, which, complemented by her fondness for scuba diving, endow her with her creative identity. 

VeraD’s work is a journey through colors and sensations in which she insinuates the changes or mutations of the world. The artist develops her works in her studios in Barcelona, Costa de Azahar (Valencian Community), and Moravia, Czech Republic.