Lucie Svoboda

Painting is my nourishment and passion; it supplies me with energy and guides my meditations. At times it is also my inner conflict, sending me out into the unknown. Painting is purely an intuitive way of expressing myself, my energy and my deepest thoughts and emotions. It is never planned or restricted, it is freedom!

My work is a striking amalgamation of influences and techniques. Each painting is a composite piece, a unified collective formed by tiny dots, brush strokes, covering different color shades, and combining the seemingly incompatible in the naked expectation of what this surrender brings.

The way these visceral colors and points combine and contrast to create vast swirling bands of dream-like labyrinths, or mesmerizing geometric patterns, that draws you in, surrounding you with my inspiration from every day to the profound.

The canvases encapsulate and express the human experience in the same way that man has done for thousands of years. Art communicates it, expresses emotion and individuality and it transcends language.