Katia Muñoz

Katia Muñoz is a plastic and visual artist, she has developed her work especially in painting, photography and engraving.

Since 1995, she has been exposing her artworks in different countries such as India, Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Colombia, Peru, Germany, Italy and many others. At the beginning of 2020, she was able to carry out one of her best artistic experiences when she received an invitation from Sri Sri University to participate in The Colors Beyond, the 3rd.  International Symposium of painting in Odisha, India.

In 2019, her great exhibition called ABSTRACT THINKING, stood out at the SPACE gallery in Barcelona. At the same time, it is worth highlighting her other individual exhibitions, such as the one she carried out with the serie DESEATED SPACES, which took place at the Tornby gallery in Denmark (2011) and the Olivart Art Gallery (2015) in Barcelona, as well as the HABITAR exhibition (2018) made in the same gallery, or as ALTERNATYWY 33 with Galeria33 (2017) in Ostrów, Poland.

Moreover, she is a exhibition curator, independent Cultural Manager and artivist for Collaborative and Participatory Art in activist and social projects. Interested in new ways of promoting Culture and Art through networks and new technologies, as well as being an intermediary agent for interaction to promote issues of gender and multiculturalism. Creator and manager of ABOUT WOMEN-International Mail Art Project on Women, whose installation travels around the world.