Euliser Polanco

Postcards from Havana

This project is a continuity of previous works. He explores issues of identity, forced displacement, uprooting, disillusionment, helplessness, appropriation, possession and redefinition of the homeland as a concept. The relationship between creation and territory. Liturgies to draw him insistently to the same meeting point, since we depend on images and facts to keep the spirit of supposed identity alive. The result is a connection with the lost, delving into the emotional, the symbols and didactics of a lie. The dream becomes slavery, forced to conquer, tied to the construction of a story that is increasingly removed from its time, where heroes and medals are demystified.

Human beings, although in some sense we are quite different from animals, in our most intimate structure, we are not so different from them. We move by stimuli and responses and by the factors of power that some humans exert on others. We are historical, cultural and psychic subjects, subjected to the technological and media transformation of our environment, forced to some extent to an uprooting that forces us to respond in the form of movement and metamorphosis.